About the GEC Travel:
Welcome to The Global Expeditions Club! Thanks for checking us out.

With over 50,000+ members, GEC is:

The World's Largest Adventure Travel Club
With an Exciting Social Twist.®

The Club was created with the following objectives in mind:
  1. Bring together fun-loving people whose passion it is to travel to new and adventurous places with other like-minded people.
  2. Put together, with the input of the club members, exciting and adventurous small group tours & expeditions using only quality accommodations and reputable travel providers.
  3. Create small group tours where you can confidently sign up as a solo traveler* OR join with a loved one, friends or other family members. All are welcome!
    *Solo Travelers: if you don't mind sharing with someone of the same gender, then we'll take care of the roommate matching with NO mandatory single supplement charges.
  4. Create an environment within the club that fosters friendships and encourages participation from everyone involved.
  5. And make it all FREE to join... just join one of our Upcoming Small Group Tours or sign up on our Join the Club page and you instantly become a member!
The short and simple:
We are a club of fun, good-hearted adventure travelers who are all looking for other like-minded people to travel together with on exciting and adventures small group tours & expeditions.

Our Goal:
Make Friends. Travel the World®

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo traveler* OR traveling with friends, loved ones, or other family members... if you are looking to experience exciting adventure travel with a great group of people, then The Global Expeditions Club is for you!

*Solo Travelers: if you don't mind sharing with someone of the same gender, then we'll take care of the roommate matching with NO mandatory single supplement charges.
- Ready to join a trip? Then go ahead at GEC Travel Upcoming Trips.

- Want to hear what previous travelers are saying about the club? Then read our Testimonial Page.

- Want to know more about the club? Then read our FAQ page.

From the Club Founders:
Hi, this is Kevin Foley & Jeff Kelly, founders and active members of The Global Expeditions Club. We’d like to thank you for checking out the club and the website. It is our sincere hope that you consider joining this wonderful club and that you have the chance to experience the incredible thrills of traveling on our group tours to all of the amazing destinations that our fantastic club members put together each and every year.

That said, while this club is a tremendous amount of fun, it isn’t for everyone.

All of us in The Global Expedition Club believe that ‘traditional’ travel has its place in this world and that it certainly serves a valuable purpose for the masses – and even for us and our families on occasion. There is nothing wrong with idling a week away on the manicured beaches of an all-inclusive Caribbean resort or wandering the islands on a large cruise ship, and there is certainly no replacement for the well needed, action packed weekend getaways.

But for a select few of us, we need more. We need exciting, unique and social experiences. We are those ever inquisitive personalities, the type that thrive on exploring the new and adventurous destinations of the world. And we enjoy doing it in the company of other fun-loving people. Simply put, we love life and we want to get the most out of it.

But most of us also work hard. Our free time and vacations are limited and our social networks typically don’t include a vast group of friends that are passionate about adventure travel or even have the time or ability to travel. Therefore we tend to either travel alone, with a friend/spouse/family member, or even worse; we simply don’t go to the places that we dream about. We know the feeling. That’s why we started this club.

And what started out as a way to bring a few of us adventurers together on a fun group tour, has quickly turned into a large network of traveling friends. Never in our wildest dreams did we hope to make so many friendships. When we started this, we knew there were others like us out there, but we had no idea just how many people were looking for the exact same thing we were... now we are the largest and fastest growing Adventure Travel Club in the world. From people in their 30’s to active and adventurous people in their 60’s, if you're looking for other like-minded people to explore the world with in a small group setting, then this is the club for you!

If you're ready to join a trip, we invite you to browse our GEC Travel Upcoming Trips page. Should you have more questions, check out what our previous travelers are saying on our Testimonial Page, read some more about us on our FAQ page, or go to our Contact Us page for info on how to get in touch with us.

If you decide this is for you, we’d love to have you along on one of our Upcoming Trips.

And remember, memberships are always free of charge (just join a trip and you are a member!). Our goal here is not to make loads of money, but rather to make loads of friends and memories. Money comes and goes, but friends and memories stay with you for a lifetime.

Again, thank you for checking us out. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.

Kevin Foley & Jeff Kelly
Want to know more about the club? Then read our FAQ page.
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